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There’s More to Love with Ocala Tennis

Ocala tennis brings players of all levels together to get in the game and have a ball on the courts. There’s just more to love when you play tennis in Ocala.

Superior Resort -Style
Delight in the difference of playing with resort-style amenities. Relax after your win at a luxurious clubhouse and truly enjoy the Ocala tennis experience.
Play The
Best Courts
Players love the benefits that come with playing on Har-Tru courts. Keep it cool, play through light rain, and much more on the best Ocala tennis courts.
Legendary Tennis
Ocala tennis is special because North Central Florida is a legendary destination for tennis. Play like the pros all year long in this tennis-friendly climate.

Discover What Makes Ocala Tennis Word Class

Ocala, Florida is home to a number of tennis facilities. These great Ocala tennis facilities make world-class amenities accessible to players of all skill levels. From the beginner to the 7.0 pro, you’ll find players from all backgrounds rallying and volleying right here in Ocala. 

Tennis players love Ocala for many reasons. The region’s weather makes outdoor tennis a year-round sport. Ocala is home to a number of tennis facilities with world-class court surfaces. This means you’ll find everything from Har-Tru Hydro-Grid to traditional asphalt. 

Additionally, renowned USTA pros offer tennis lessons to players of levels right here in Ocala.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to Ocala tennis. Get in the game today!

Join the Ocala Tennis Community Today

What makes Ocala tennis special? Players love tennis in Ocala because of the community.

Ocala has a strong tennis community thanks to coaches and players who are truly invested in the success of the sport. From beginner clinics to advanced one-on-one tennis lessons, players of all skill levels are welcome in the Ocala tennis community.

Find a Tennis Club

Players from all walks of life are welcome in the Ocala tennis community. Find a tennis club and start playing your best game today.

Join a Tennis League

Ready to compete? Ocala offers many tennis leagues from beginning 2.5 players and up. Start serving aces in an Ocala tennis league.

Take Tennis Lessons

Clinics and lessons make perfecting your approach and timing terrific. Improve your skills and much more with Ocala tennis lessons.

What Do the Pros Say About Ocala Tennis?

"Tennis is a life-long sport. The Ocala tennis community welcomes players of all ages, all backgrounds, and all skill levels. Come out to the courts and see what makes tennis in Ocala special."

Thiroshan “Coach T” Chetty, Director of Tennis and USTA professional

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