Tennis Equipment

The right gear can make or break your game. Find the tennis equipment you need to make the most of your time on the courts. Ocala tennis experts are ready to ensure you’re equipped with what you need to gain a competitive edge. Get everything from the right racket to the right accessories with a visit to an Ocala tennis pro shop.

Get the Tennis Equipment You Need

You don’t have to have endorsement deals like the Williams sisters to get the best tennis gear. You’ll find everyone from beginners to pro-level players can find the tennis equipment you need right here in Ocala.


Your tennis racket is an extension of yourself when you’re in the game. Get the right racket for your style of play by consulting with a professional and finding the perfect fit.

Tennis Balls

Yellow balls are pressurized for big bounce and competitive play. Green dot balls offer less pressure and help adult beginners perfect their stroke. Get the tennis balls you need.


Rule the court with the right shoes on your feet. Your tennis shoes should connect you to the court and support your competitive stance. Play like the pros in the right sneakers.


Protect your eyes and enhance your vision with the right sunglasses for a day on the tennis courts. Sporty styles from an Ocala tennis pro shop look great and keep you in the game.


Play great and look great, too, in tennis clothing for men and women from your Ocala tennis pro shop. High-tech fabrics keep you cool and offer serious style when you’re at the net.


Stay sharp on the courts and in the game with the right tennis accessories. From bags and organizers to grip tape to towels, get what you need to enjoy your time playing tennis.

What Do the Pros Say About Tennis in Ocala?

“We’re willing to work with players to make sure they get the right tennis equipment. Our partnership with Wilson lets you demo top-of-the-line rackets to ensure you get the best for the way you play.”
Thiroshan “Coach T” Chetty, Director of Tennis and USTA professional

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