How Much Does it Cost to Restring a Tennis Racket?

You popped a string at practice. Maybe your racket strings are simply losing tension. Maybe your latest racket didn’t come prestrung. There are many reasons why you might be wondering how much does it cost to restring a tennis racket. We’ve talked to the pros and figured out just how much you should budget when it’s time for new strings.

How much does it cost to restring a tennis racket? Most tennis players spend about $50 to have their rackets restrung when it’s time for new strings. This cost estimate includes both strings and labor. The price can fluctuate based on the strings you choose.

Everyone who plays tennis will likely have to have a racquet restrung at some point. Let’s drive home a few of the details about how much does it cost to restring a tennis racket and why this is a job best left to the pros.

When Do I Need to Restring My Tennis Racket?     

The strings in your tennis racket provide the spin and power you need to make a great shot. When the strings on your racket are in bad shape, your game is likely in bad shape.

But how do you know when you need to string your racket? You’ll likely notice that your strokes are losing power and your spin isn’t happening quite right when it’s time to restring. You’ll likely see other signs, too.

When do I need to restring my tennis racket? Take a close look at the strings:

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it’s likely time to restring your tennis racket. 

Restringing Rule of Thumb

There’s also an old rule of thumb to help you determine when you need to have your racquet restrung. How many times a week do you play tennis? You should have your racket restrung that many times a year. 

This means a player who is on the courts 4 times a week might benefit from having their racket restrung quarterly or 4 times a year.

Do Tennis Strings Lose Tension Over Time?

Strings that are shaggy or frayed obviously need to be replaced. Another reason you might need to restring your racket is that tennis strings lose tension over time.

In fact, just like your brand new car depreciated in value the second you drove it off the lot, your tennis racket strings lose significant tension after the first time you play. Your racket strings might lose 10% of their tension in the first 24 hours after restringing. The loss of tension slows down after the first 24 hours but certainly doesn’t stop.

Strings that lose tension lose performance. You’ll notice less spin and less power as tension is lost. When you start noticing a difference in play, it’s time to restring. 

Is It Worth Restringing a Tennis Racket?

In many cases, it is absolutely worth it to restring a tennis racket.

Stringing a racquet can cost up to $75, depending on the strings you prefer to play with. Considering that a great racket can cost more than $300, you’ll significantly save money when restringing rather than replacing it. 

The only scenario in which you might rather replace your racket over restringing is when it’s time for an upgrade. New technology makes rackets better and better each season. Your game and style might change and require a different tool. 

The best way to determine if it is better to replace or restring is to talk to a tennis pro or coach who knows your game and how you play. He or she can help you decide if it is time to restring or replace.

Can I Restring My Own Tennis Racket?

A lot goes into restringing a tennis racket. So much so, that it’s usually a job left to the pros at tennis shops and sporting good stores.

If you insist on taking the DIY route, you can restring your rackets by using stringing machines. Keep in mind that it takes about 40-feet of tennis strings to do a regular-sized racket -- more if you play with an oversized racket. 

Stringing a racket involves working at a particular tension, usually between 50 and 60 lbs. Apply too much tension and your strings will break before you use them. Apply to little tension and you won’t be in any better shape. Some experts say stringing a racket is both a science and an art.

Keep in mind that it can be quite expensive to buy a stringing machine. Even though you can restring your own racket, it might actually save money to leave the job to a professional in the long run.

How Much Does it Cost to Restring a Tennis Racket?

In most markets, it costs around $50 to restring a tennis racket at a pro shop or sporting goods store. This cost includes:

The cost to restring a tennis racket can vary based on the type of strings you choose. Tennis strings can be made from natural gut, nylon (multifilament), or even polyester (monofilament). Tennis strings can also vary in thickness. The type and gauge of strings you select might vary based on your skill level and playing preferences. The more advanced of a player you are, the more you’ll likely spend on strings.

Let the Pros at Your Ocala Tennis Club Restring Your Racket

How much does it cost to restring a tennis racket? A quick $50 is nothing compared to your competitiveness on the court. 

Let the pros at your Ocala tennis club handle restringing your racket. It’s easy to find a pro shop staffed with experts who can provide the service and expertise you need to keep your racket in great shape.

What are you waiting for? Reach out now and enjoy your best tennis game yet right here in Ocala.

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